1. Prison Cells (Within my Soul)

Gazing at the starlit sky
memories haunting my mind,
far away is my home.
Locked inside this sunless cell,
loneliness, my only friend,
don't leave me alone.

All these years that have gone by
and all those that will come,
taste the sorrow of my tears,
what will be left untouched?

Forgive me Father for i have sinned,
I feel pain deep down inside.
False visions hiding, in corners they sneak,
fed by memories, deceiving my sight.


What has happened, what is going on,
can't be dreaming, lonely and forlorn i feel.
Please hold me tight ...


I lost the key a thousand nights ago.
A sacred fear, some bitter tears, a hope.
Alone now i lick my wounds,
God give me the strength to carry on.

Seeds of despair grew up from these stones
watered by my heart's sour blood.
Oh! what am i doing! buried inside this hole,
inner search sometimes is more than enough.



Endless dark colors my nights...

Music: Sotiropoulos, Vasilakis, Smeros
Lyrics: Sotiropoulos

2. Soldier boy

Hear these words i say
cause change you they will,
heard your voice calling my name.
I felt the cruelty in every word you said.
Now you're sending me so far away,
everything i loved and everything i dreamed now fades away.


Did you feel me as i touched you boy
in my dream last night.
I called your name but there was no reply
just a sad, deep sigh.
In your weeping eyes i see my face
who can feel your pain.
Please stop crying, my soldier boy is dying
lost in solid clay.

I hold now my little killing toy,
all that i've learned there and be a proud boy.
They taught me that i must see all things their way,
obeying orders and rules just feeds my hate.


Music: Sotiropoulos, Vasilakis, Smeros
Lyrics: Sotiropoulos

3. Robin Hood (Prince of Thieves)

Music: Sotiropoulos

4. A Legacy in Stone

You seeking knowledge carved in ageless stone,
enter the huge stony gate.
Oh, let your mind travel way back in time,
see what really is.
In ancient Egypt a giant was raised,
built to last conveying meanings
never to be thrown away.

Time cannot hide
the majesty of some minds,
of those who built the pyramid.
Extraordinary notions,
forgotten knowledge links
accumulated wisdom,
our ancient legacy stands silently
unrevealed treasury.

Let us discover the secrets of yours
which have been faded by time.
Oh, let us interpret all of the signs
see through cloudy mist.
Your shape has been telling forgotten truths,
each and every rock you're made of
belongs to the whole mankind.


The seeds have been sown
yet the time has not come
just the early adopters
will soon understand.

No trait can be read
yet the ones with insight
are the ones that believe
that the pyramid's right.

Sinking into emptiness
narrow-minded ignorance.
Music: Sotiropoulos, Smeros
Lyrics: Sotiropoulos